Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yarn I Admire

I admit that there has been a knitting dry spell in this blog of late. I apologise for it and hope to remedy it today, not by showing more of my knitting progress—of which there is none to date—but by sharing some of my favourite yarns.

My current fav is by Scout at Scout's Swag. I think prepster looks good enough to eat, but I would definitely follow that with fraises des boise and needles on fire for dessert. Can you tell I like pink?

While I was searching for more yummy hand dyed yarn, I came across Hello Yarn. Colourways I love here include laughs, puzzled and syrup.

I will continue with more on this topic later, but really I am using this post to secure my Technorati profile. Hope I don't end up regretting it. I was really motivated to CLAIM MY BLOG.

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So Much Fun said...

I just discovered Scouts Swag too! I have not seen any of the yarns in person, but I love her website, have you knitted with them?

Anonymous said...

Oh the yarn we could buy!!
My sister was talking about technorati, I didn't get it. You will have to give me the run down.