Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rainy Days and Thursdays

After an exciting evening drawing up an offer that, admittedly, was low but justifiably so, we did not become the proud owners of a new home. We are just the proud owners of a lot of guilt that our calculated decision to offer the price we did may have been a mistake.

What if we never find a house that nicely finished? What if I have to live with two young children through a renovation? What if I have to LIVE with my MOTHER-IN-LAW during a renovation?! What if we never find a house in this neighbourhood we like? It is supposed to be a good area for schools. Which has got me thinking, how important is a good school to my children? I mean really, I still made it through University and design school despite a mediocre early education.

Knitting helped work out my nerves over the whole thing, probably I should have napped instead, but look at how cute this is. This is the baby bolero, which I am trying to sew together, I may need a bit more practise before I master finishing techniques, but I am confident. It practically fits in my hand—which is, I think, a fairly normal size womanly hand. The little lace section, according to the book, is believed to bring luck and protection to the wearer. The camera wasn't handy, so I cleverly used my scanner, hence the rough looking backdrop.

I promise not too many rants about this house hunting thing. I am optomistic it will be over before we really get into the heat of summer, I hope.


Anonymous said...

The yarn is a really good color!!
My advice about renovating and kids is to do a little at a time and get someone who will work full time. Probably best not to take on the bathrooms and kitchens at the same time.
(i am of course assuming that my advice was wanted)

a friend to knit with said...

Remember, everything happens for a reason! There is a better home for you and your family waiting to be found!
You are to clever to use your scanner! Looks great.....can't wait to see it put together! :)