Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And I Will Always Love ...

Today was one of those days that shakes the dust off winter and puts you in a great mood. It makes me wonder how people feel who live in climates that don't really change seasons?

The girls and I suited up and headed for Costco. As a treat, the sun decided to come out for our trip. The walk there was (and I am just guessing here) about 5 kilometres, pushing a double stroller through some slushy, wet snow and over some small hills, while wearing on my back a relatively lighter version of what is ordinarily packed in my backpack-diaper bag. By the time we got to Costco I was feeling good, a bit tired from lack of real exercise but still it took the expected half an hour. The walk home, seemed more like 10 kilometres, uphill, sweating all the way, I feared that I may have to force daughter 1 to push daughter 2 and I the rest of the way. Not so unfair considering the seemingly boundless energy she possess most days.

In the afternoon I shopped for knitting needles. I decided on the Denise Interchangeable Needles set from Needle Emporium. I thought the Off Hand Designs bags she sells were very cute and seemed like something A Friend to Knit With could whip up on a week-end.

I am looking forward to testing my new needles out. Here is what the Knitty review said about them, but feel free to advise if i have made a terrible mistake, they can be returned.

Days like today make me think of music. I read in Real Simple magazine about the positive impact a theme song can have on bolstering your confidence. To make it work it has to be a song that you happen to associate with a great moment in your past. Like song playing before a winning basketball game. Then, before you enter a tough meeting or whatever it is, you have to belt out the song. This is meant to make you feel confident and nail it.

I have many songs that could fit in this category, but the most fitting is, of all songs, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. I would love to hear your equally embarrassing, and or better songs.

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a friend to knit with said...

:) you are too sweet to think that i could whip up one of those bags...i do LOVE those bags! Hmmm a theme song.....I think I have to go with the "eye of the tiger" (from rocky) that always FIRES me UP!!! :)