Tuesday, February 12, 2008

House Keeping.

I have been keeping track of the photos I owe you so I hope you all forgive their lateness.

First the hat I knit for daughter one. I started with a twisted stitch for the brim continued the twisted knit in the body of the hat then decreased to eight stitches at the top, increasing between those to create a little sea anemone effect at the top. And because I learn as I go I realized the hat was too small after I finished it and picked up the stitches around the brim to lengthen it to fit. I am still in the process of knitting one for daughter two (but I have been a very, VERY lazy knitter lately so I am not sure when it will be ready.)

Here is the Monkey sock using Fleece Artist sokomo from Fibreholic (thank you again), the colourway is brilliant. I tried to get a bit of the accumulating snow in the background but was unsuccessful. Trust me on this it looked very winter wonderland.

Lately I have been re-bitten by the sewing bug. I have long admired A Friend To Knit With's sewn objects, and now Lululollylegs and A Few Things To Say add to my itchy stitchy fingers. These are some very talented people and I have been inspired by their many beautifully executed projects and fun and funky fabrics. I can't wait to build up my stash (which pales in comparison.)

Last week I brought my 1961 Singer for servicing and picked it up today. I forked over $84 for the servicing and two packages of needles and was feeling really confident about all my future sewing projects when it tipped over only seconds away from home. The fall caused my spool posts to snap and let's just say that I was "slightly" miffed. The girls were so concerned that if I hadn't been so grouchy as a result of the horrible accident I would have been chuckling at the worry on their faces. Luckily the glue gun came through once again and I was able to complete the better part of two matching craft aprons. If you don't look too closely at the stitches it looks not too bad. Have I already mentioned I learn as I go? The second attempt will likely look more tailored than the first. I used Ikea fabric, polka dot lined with an animal print, and I am going to add velcro to the neck ties, and a pocket on the front. Oh, and my other little girl, my standard schnauzer, decided that you would like to see her behind in the shot. I like to think she was being protective. So that is my big update. I have loved reading your blogs and peeking at what your up to. Yarn bee and Musindigo really got me with their fair isle mittens which are to die for—you have to check them out if you haven't already seen them.


Anonymous said...

I snapped off one spool post too, just putting the cover one. Can they fix that or is the glue gun the only solution??

The apron looks great! As does your monkey sock. I am still on the fence.

cheryl said...

Aren't those 1960's singers great machines? I'm really enjoying the one I just got from my Grandma. I had to fork over my christmas money for the tune up at well - but it's worth it. Thanks for the link on the mittens! Your sewing and knitting are looking excellent.

The_Add_Knitter said...

I have terrible sewing skills and am terrified to start it up again! Love that Fleece Artist, so lovely...

a friend to knit with said...

yep. one of my spool post missing too!
that old machine was worth the service call though.
nice one.
and YAY for your sewing!
the aprons look fantastic!

Louise said...

Well good for you giving it a go and they look great - I love the fabric. And it's just lovely to think I'm inspiring someone! It really does get easier the more you do.

Yarnhog said...

I love that curlique hat--really cute! I can't offer much on the sewing front. I remain terrified of sewing machines, despite having recently taken mine in for a tune up. I'm told it is in perfect condition and works beautifully (despite being from the 1930s and having seen much use from my great-grandmother and great-aunt), but I have not yet screwed up the courage to try it out for myself.

KnitPastis said...

Oh the apron is so pretty! I think you did a swell job. I am so glad you got your sewing machine back to working again. That's a gem.
Monkey socks are looking good!