Monday, November 05, 2007

Boxing Day

Every day is boxing day around here. I have tackled packing about 12 boxes to date (35 days until the move). Today the kitchen cupboards got a little lighter. I like having my Tupperware cupboard emptied out, that's right Kristin I am operating on a limited Tupperware supply over here (gasp!). By the week's end I hope to have my kitchen down to the bare essentials. Knitting has been slow, I have tried to finish daughter number two's socks but I am stalled at three inches down on the second sock. My first daughter has been wearing the socks I knit for her to bed. This works out well since a) they are warm and b) she refuses to sleep with a blanket. Is this weird? (I say knowing full well that anything a child does is probably not unique but out of sheer frustration I will say it anyway) I have had the thought that because she used a Grobag for three years the shock of not sleeping with it anymore has driven her to this. I am thinking (hoping) that by the time the temperature drops to sixty degrees at night, inside, we will effectively freeze out the no blanket thing. I don't know how she can do it. I can't even get her to wear a sweater.

This weekend I made a little heaven on a plate. If you have never purchased Fine Cooking before and you like cow — as we say to our daughter who is reading Charlotte's Web and is now more aware of where her meat comes from — then I urge you to get the latest issue for the Fennel & Rosemary Beef Tenderloin with Creamy Mustard Sauce (there are many great recipes in it in addition to this one).

I have tasted this recipe once before (thank you Mama Mia) and it turned out delicious both times. As an aside we used yogurt instead of creme fresh both times for the sauce with great results. Mashed or roasted potatoes make ideal sides. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Did you take that picture? It is well styled. Yumm
Clarabel has never slept with the covers on. It makes Ken crazy, I don't really care.
Clarabel won't wear knit socks (they are too itchy) so we are reduced to the lousy cotton ones.

The_Add_Knitter said...

I have been a Fine Cooking reader for years, I LOVE THAT MAG!!! I esp. like their special pull-outs, I refer to them all the time.

a friend to knit with said...

hope the packing is going well....i have always liked having a little less to choose from...for a while.

no blanket........brrrr....i think she will get over that in time....but the fact that she wears your socks to bed? gotta LOVE that!!! :)

So Much Fun said...

While I don't like 'cow' that looks amazing! Moving is so tough, especially the packing things up. I used to have a catering business, so packing up the kitchen is ALWAYS a huge nightmare (I still have way to many accoutrements). Keep up the good work, and get that kid under a blanket, will ya?

KnitPastis said...

It sounds like you are way ahead of the game on the packing! It really does.
When my daughter was little she would kick the covers off then I would come back in pull them over her again just to find them kicked off in the morning.LOL
That's great your little one is wearing your socks to bed.