Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Can Keep My Tea Warm Any Day

And the tea cozy winner is...

...The Felted Tea Cozy. Too fun! I will cast on soon. I was so inspired by the designer's wool blanket cozy (pictured in the same article) that I started a temporary cozy similar to it with some fleece I had on hand. (Sorry no photo yet.)

I was a bit limited in colour choice since I bought the fleece this year for Halloween costumes. Daughter 1 wanted to be a blue animal!? (thank god for birds), daughter 2 got to be a pile of autumn leaves.

Did I mention I need a new kitchen? That is my portable dishwasher in the background. Useful, but pretty U-G-L-Y

It is hard to tell, but the hat has a green leaf on the top

I am up to my eyeballs with schedules in order to get everything ready in time for Saturday (about 26 ppl) and Sunday (about 30 ppl). Not sure how I will get it all done in time, then again it always goes well in the end. Miraculously there is always time for blogging (thank you for reading). Hope you all enjoy your week-end! The weather here is finally spring-like. Yay.

Tidbit #3: I, like Sabrina, also went to art school. So there was lots of (nude) figure drawing—we were so, a-hem, mature that my friends and I could never keep a straight face in these classes.


The_Add_Knitter said...

I also have a portable dishwasher, it slams into the wall and makes little dents and chips away the paint:(

Love the tea cozy since I'm on a major tea kick right now, I should give it a try!

Natalie said...

It will all come together I am sure! Enjoy your weekend.

So Much Fun said...

I could never keep a straight face either, I mean clearly we don't see enough nude people right? I am so excited to see you tea cozy, that is going to be too cute! Have fun this weekend!

a friend to knit with said...

That tea cozy looks like it will do a super job keeping your tea warm! I love it! The pics of your girls are too cute.....perfect colors for your temporary cozy! Love these little tidbits I am learning of you!
Have a wonderful weekend!