Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things I Know Because I Knit

I know that the term "knitting", for me, means more time ripping out work to fix a mistake, then actual knitting.

That sewing fabric and sewing knitted work are two very different things yielding very different results. I have spent the last week sewing, and re-sewing the knitted sleeve of the baby bolero, despite the very appreciated help from Leslie.

That sewing on the second sleeve goes much faster than sewing the first.

Knitting requires patience—I am getting better at that one...slowly.

In addition to being a design snob, am now also a yarn snob.

My LYS is closed at 4 p.m. on Saturday! Closed on Sundays AND Mondays! What mother can work within those hours? I need another LYS.

Did you know you can crave a yarn much like craving chocolate. I have been pretty itchy to buy lately! Dear Cadbury's, please understand I am not saying yarn is better than chocolate! Sincerely, your devoted fan.

I can knit my own hat! And because of this I also know I can knit my own socks, mitts, pants, blankets — anything. This knowledge is very empowering even if I don't take advantage of all the possibilities (or know how to sew them properly.)

I would love to hear what you know now because of knitting.

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So Much Fun said...

Hi there,
From knitting i know that I love to repeat a single step over and over to make something larger. I know that I am okay with something not being perfect. I know that I need to be creative in some way every single day. And I know I love the combination of color and texture, that is what inspires me.
In terms of a new LYS, maybe try online. My LYS is, I also really like Just a thought...
P.S. bull testicles...gross...that must be a gross texture!