Sunday, July 01, 2007

Please Pass the KD

In honour of my country's 140 birthday I thought I would post some fun canadian factoids I found—some I knew, some I had no idea about—for my friends north and south of the border. Before I go upstairs to crank up the Avril Lavene, Michel Bublé and Feist while I wash the kitchen floors I want to say Happy Canada Day and Happy fourth of July too!

Canadians consume more Kraft Dinner per capita than any other nationality in the world. (I did not know that.)

Canada has more donut shops per-capita than any other country in the world. (So true, I think Hamilton must have one on every corner—I don't drink coffee though.)

More than 75% of the world's supply of maple syrup comes from Canada. (Yum! Where would the beloved pancake be without us?)

Myths about Canada:

Canadians all say "eh" and "aboot".
Sure, some of us do, but Canada is a big country with many different people who speak many different languages with different dialects.

Canada's national sport is Hockey.
Not completely true. While Hockey is very popular, and considered national pastime, our national sport is Lacrosse. Oh, and we invented Baseball too. ~ with regards to the baseball tidbit, it is a hotly contested fact. I did not make it up and I don't support or deny the claim. If you are a very confirmed baseball fan and want to pour over the opinions, I found a few sites that might be of interest to you but the Beachville, Ontario Museum is a short but sweet account of an earlier game than the Cooperstown game by Dr. Ford, with a woollen ball reference worth noting on knitting blog.

Canadians policemen are all Mounties dressed in red uniforms.
Our cops are the same as American cops. The Mounties usually only dress up in red for for special occasions.

Myths taken from


So Much Fun said...

Very interesting Sarah! I did not know any of those factoids. I do however know a grown woman who fakes a Canadian accent...bizarre?

Yarnhog said...

Happy Canada Day! It's probably a good thing that your blog isn't likely to be read by too many die-hard baseball fans, though. Could get ugly.

Romi said...

Happy Canada Day!

a friend to knit with said...

Charlie Loves Cananda....because he LOVES hockey and can speak in his eh and aboot language! :)
However, he will dispute that web page on the baseball fact! He has always told me baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday during the civil war......However, he is eleven! :)

Happy Happy Canada Day! Hope you have a wonderful day....Thanks for the FUN facts! Canadian Syrup IS the best!

Kaet said...

happy canada day! i can completely believe about the donut shops...i think tim hortons must own most of canada's real estate!!!!

The_Add_Knitter said...

I love Feist btw.

Did you know that only Canadians say 'kraft dinner'!!!;)

Love those factoids, Canada is totally way cool.

Lydee said...

Very cool, did not know all that; enjoy the holidays!