Friday, July 06, 2007

A Sock Is A Pocket for Your Toes

A Sock Is A Pocket for Your Toes is a very cute book the girls and I have been reading lately. I was inspired to start a pair of kiddie socks for the girls on two circular needles, thank you Sarah for the pattern. I have never knit socks before and the pattern is perfect for a beginner like me. I like using two circulars, there are only two visible seems, I think on dbl points I would have a ribbing pattern going on. The yarn is Ocean Wind Knits fingering in Ahoy colourway, daughter one loves blue. Daughter two will get a pair using the same yarn but in the shiraz colourway. It is a soft yarn that knits up well and the variegated pattern is really very subtle, very beautiful. I am loving it! If you check out her blog, Lori has knit two incredible shawls freshly knit.

Baby's Got Her Own Stash

I was at the LYS twice this week for circular needle buying, then exchanging. The first set were sharp at the join where cord meets needle, I am still not completely happy with the second set of Addi's because they have a bit of a noticeable join in the same spot. They don't snag the yarn so far, but the yarn does slow down when pulling it onto the needle part. Would you exchange them again if you were me?

While at the store my daughter adopted a sizable stash for her tender age. Sure the yarn is scratchy and completely un-wearable, but it is a pleasant looking purple and green stash complete with a miniature yarn basket. She is currently mastering the corking tool we bought. I envision many long cords sewn into pot holders, or necklaces. I thought it would be neat to use one cord as a flower and felt it to decorate my clutch—a collaborative effort between mother and daughter.

Hope you all enjoy a fun weekend.


Anonymous said...

I had many a long cord when I was young. I was a corking machine. Mostly they were Barbie scarves or sewn together to make a barbie carpet.
The socks look great

Natalie said...

I'd take them back, or contact the company.

How fun! As long as she does not start raiding your stash...

Yarnhog said...

Yes, I'd take them back again. I hate it when the yarn hangs up on the join.

That baby stash is wicked cute. I used to use one of those corking tools (homemade) when I was a kid. I made hundreds of feet of cord, and sewed it into a round rug. It was actually pretty nice.

Re your comment about the migrating 2 inches: do you think they make a foundation garment that can push them back up from my hips to my bust?

a friend to knit with said...

Beautiful sock yarn!

YES, YES, YES....take them back...for the price, you need to be happy with them!

I love that your daughter has a stash already! :) Cords everywhere, YEAH! It would be so sweet to have her make something (flower) and then sew it to your bag! I LOVE that idea!

Lydee said...

That's neat that your daughter wants to join you in making and creating things! Nice stash!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Take 'em back--after all you are paying the big addi bucks so that they WON'T do that!

My daughter has a knitting mushroom like that and played with it so much that it inspired her to start knitting!

So Much Fun said...

Sarah! Great photos! And socks, that is exciting, lucky girls and I too love that subtle colorway. In terms of the needles, I think I would take them back,I mean you pay enough for them and you are going to use them for ever, they better be perfect.
I had one of those 'tube knitters' when i was a kid too, ahh the memories.

Knot Another Hat said...

I'm woefully behind in my blog-reading, hence the late comment! But you are very welcome for the pattern - I hope it served you well! :) I'll be posting up a two-circs pattern for toe-up socks with a slip-stitch heel flap soon, stay tuned! :)