Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Virtual(ly) Knitting

In the midst of buying (and selling) houses I forgot to post about my recent invitation to Ravelry (yet one more computer activity that keeps me from any real knitting). I am there as, LifeWith, me and my five little projects. I am enjoying the ease of finding projects on Ravelry and it got me thinking about a possible new past time—virtual knitting. Virtual knitting will involve finding new projects that I will one day knit. As part of this past time I will also drool over things like Alchemy Fibre Designs, because it is fabulous and who doesn't need another scarf?

Oh and I have begun a work out routine. It is at a local wellness centre that includes three half hours a week of stability ball and weight training, plus one weekly learn and burn session. If you should ever have someone offer you a learn and burn session my suggestion would be to RUN! My learn and burn involves spinning—anyone else had the pleasure?—probably I am a big wimp, but it was HARD people. Not so much the spinning but at certain intervals we have to lift our bottoms off the seat (which is a relief because let me tell you my butt was on fire after) but it totally winded me. I am looking forward to having a lot more endurance for that activity soon. This recent work out routine is part of my endeavour to be fitter at 30 than I was at 20. There is also going to be an Isagenix cleanse ( I am a bit of a skeptic). Anyone familiar with this particular process? Should I run now?


Yarnhog said...

I took a yoga class from an 80 year old woman last summer that nearly killed me. Talk about humiliating! And I'm in shape, too.

A rule of life: if it's called a "cleanse," RUN!

Kaet said...

keep at the spinning- trust me. i hated my first class and ended up teaching spinning all through college! i loved it! congrats on the ravelry invite!

The_Add_Knitter said...

So great to 'see' you onver on Ravelry!!

So Much Fun said... is really hard, but a great workout, and it will get you fitter than you have ever been, and that is a promise and a threat...keep up the good work, very admirable. In the midst of all the new store stuff I have ceased to work out...and I am suppossed to be selling athletic wear?!