Monday, January 01, 2007

What just happened here?

I cannot believe it, but this was Christmas. It came and went in a flurry of wrap and carboard, and those impossible to open plastic boxes. Maybe it is the scrooge in me, but it was not very festive this year. I haven't been in school for a little while now, but I remember how much anticipation there was over the holiday arriving and being away from school. Those were the days!

Now my committment to the holiday is finally sinking in. I am the present buyer, cookie baker, wrapper, card maker and signer (it is the signing that is the most work, why did we choose such long names for our children?), turkey baster (this year it was chicken, but you get the picture), in addition to my regular stint as house-keeper, cook, nose wiper and so on.

It was exhausting. I think I will now look forward to the after holiday calm. That will be my time to relax and kick into my regular routine.

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